Branding is the unique language that customers use to speak for your product/business. Designing that language simpler & effective is very crucial. It starts with Logo Design, Color, Shape, nevertheless the Unique Name for the Trademark*. Let’s Brand your Brand with a unique Branding strategy, because that’s BRANDING!

Logo design

Logo defines who you are, how you are and where you are! Moreover Logo gives a unique identity for your business which should be appealing & easier to register in the client’s mind. Check our exclusive logo portfolio.

Corporate identity

It really makes sense, when your company represents itself better in the public. Corporate Identity gives another way of branding for your business among customers, employees and to investors as well.

Product Branding

If a business regards Orange, you should represent Orange as Orange &not as ORANGE. Hence, Product Branding should be done as it to be. Corner Lines will guide you through perfect Product Branding.


Package packs your Product Inside, whilst the cover packs your Brand Value. The package style attracts more than the content inside. Corner Lines help you to pack your product in a perfect Package Design that suit your business & customers.